Case Study: Welcome New Hires!

  • Jul 6, 2024


A small business owner wanted an easy way to present important paperwork to new employees to help them stay organized in their first few months with the company. They wanted to instill professionalism in all aspects of the onboarding process.


Small Quantity Pocket Folders


"Welcome to" above the company's logo, with the slogan beneath that. Foil stamped to match the company's branding.

Method of Distribution

When bringing on new employees, the department manager takes some time on the first day to go through paperwork and company policies. The folder was presented to new hires at the beginning of that meeting to keep those papers organized and easy to reference.

Marketing Outcome

Because new employees had all their important papers in one convenient place, they stayed more organized in those first few months. Keeping that paperwork in a branded folder boosted the company's professional image, giving those new employees more confidence in a stable work environment.

FolderSource: Warwick Publishing Co

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